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Clementoni Crazy Chic Armband Bliss D/F/I
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Clementoni Quelle heure est-il? FR
Prod. No.: 320.52365
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The Clementoni range now includes toys for children aged 0 months to 12 years and older, starting from early childhood with the Baby Clementoni, Disney Baby and Clemmy lines; next come the world of pre-school and educational games dominated by the famous Sapientino brand; the Science & Play range scientific games, the ultra-modern tablets Made in Clementoni and mini computers; Art Attack and Crazy Chic creative toys without overlooking the "classics", Recreational toys, Tombole and the highly acclaimed Puzzles. An extraordinarily wide range of toys for all ages that grew up with entire generations of children.

Clementoni create products to support children, from their first months of life, in the development of logical skills, association and observation. Clementoni create games that can stimulate visual perception as well as the ability to analyze, compare and interpret the surrounding reality.

The learning and acquisition of skills for the child takes place through play, movement, the exploration of oneself and all that surrounds it through observation and comparison. Learning for him means listening, understanding and re-elaborating in an autonomous way experiences, actions, discourses, means being able to describe, represent and imagine even through the game situations and events with different languages. This is why our products are designed to accompany the child in the different stages of growth and discovery of the world, offering them in a simple and fun educational content that can increase his knowledge.